Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Skin, A Night - Vincent Moon's film about The National's Boxer

Continuing with news about The National, Vincent Moon's film - A Skin, A Night will finally be released on May 20th. I first discovered him when I learned about this project at the release of Boxer last year and have fallen in love with all of his work. Yes, in my enthusiasm one day, I even spouted off an email to Vincent Moon, but never received a reply...someday. I can't wait to get my hands on this DVD and then see the band at the Garden on June 19th.

Below are the film's trailer and my favorite song from Boxer, Gospel, which was filmed on a sail boat--the sound of lapping water makes it even better.

The DVD comes with The Virginia EP.
01 "You've Done It Again, Virginia" (previously unreleased)
02 "Santa Clara" (UK b-side)
03 "Blank Slate" (UK b-side)
04 "Tall Saint" (demo)
05 "Without Permission" (unreleased cover)
06 "Forever After Days" (demo)
07 "Rest Of Years" (demo)
08 "Slow Show" (demo)
09 "Lucky You" (Daytrotter session)
10 "Mansion On The Hill" (live)
11 "Fake Empire" (live)
12 "About Today" (live)

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