Monday, April 28, 2008

Shawn Smith - The Diamond Hand

I first heard Shawn Smith's Ring That Bell last Tuesday on KEXP and it is probably the only memorable moment in the first day of my month of 3:30 wake-ups. I might not remember much from the last week, but his song continues to play in my head.

While his cd, The Diamond Hand, was released last month in the US, it is available today for all of those across the pond, who can also catch him touring through Scotland and England beginning next week. My musical spending has gotten out of control, so I'm heading to Best Buy as an honorary Scot and picking up his cd with some rewards points tomorrow. I'll be back with a musical wrap-up after I can give it a good listen. And yes, Ring that Bell will go up once I get my hands on it. Patience, everyone.

Shawn is a Washington native and has played on his own, as the front man for Brad, a musical side project with Stone Gossard; and as a guest on various other projects. I love the story of Brad's name selection. They wanted to name the band Shame, but that was already taken by a guy named Brad. You can see where this went. Brad really plays live, but they did come out to support Barack Obama in Seattle this fall . (Note to Dommie: You should love Shawn, simply because Stone does.)

Here is Shawn Smith doing Suffering from a few years back.

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