Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meatloaf--what have you done?

If I haven't admitted to it already, my love of Meatloaf will be exposed in a few days anyway when Best Friend makes a guest appearance on the blog, so I'm going to give everyone the full disclosure now. I have always ADORED Meatloaf. Bat Out of Hell II was released when I was in middle school and the music video for I Would Do Anything for Love had just enough gothic/medieval inspiration to make me want to be the girl in the video. It also didn't help that VH1's music programming has been overly predictable from the start and I knew that I could watch the video most mornings in the 5 minutes before the school bus rolled down my street. Little did I know that this obsession would bond Best Friend and I six years down the road.

I don't know how it started but Best Friend was listening to Meatloaf one day in his dorm room. As with most of Best Friend's music collection, it's full of the embarrassingly good stuff, but he's not at all ashamed to play any of it. I probably strolled into his room, declared my mutual love for Meatloaf, slammed and locked the door, and the first of our choreographed routines came to life. Each subsequent performance was analyzed to make sure there was enough fake sweating and elaborate arm gestures to make Meat proud. These routines would go down in infamy and there are still people waiting for a live performance. (Okay, I think that's only Perry and he seems perfectly content with not knowing what actually goes on in one.)

A few years later, Meatloaf had a supporting role in Fight Club which has forever changed my mental image of him as a large, overly sweaty man into a large, somewhat sweaty man with tits. Imagine my surprise when I find the below ad for AT&T's Go Phone and not only is Meatloaf strangely skinny (well, comparatively), but he's turned his song into a kitschy ad, complete with fellow 80's star, Tiffany. I couldn't help but think that their choreography was severely lacking compared to the shows that Best Friend and I performed back in Stanford Hall. Meat--I'm going to block this from my memory and pretend that it never happened. For both of our sakes.

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