Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jessi's Reading on Tax Day!

I did my taxes Thursday night and finished my CT taxes a day early, wiring the government money in both instances. At least that stimulus check will be coming soon. In other tax day news, Dunkin Donuts was offering a free donut as tax relief when you bought a coffee, making my somewhat daily trek across the street with Tommy even sweeter. (And for those who know Tommy, you know that nothing about us is sweet...so the glazed donut was just the icing on our highly irreverent, cynical, but always funny friendship.)

That's me and Tommy on the end, with our other Team CCC members, Stacey and Kate, plus a very tan Greg Norman in Naples last December.

Anyways, we've had a few lazy days on Harbor Drive, allowing me to catch up on my liberal media. Here's what's grabbed my attention lately.

I was amazed to see The New Yorker go so low as to write about The Hills, but its Frenemy Territory article pretty much summed up why Jeremy and I continue to watch it, yet complain about what idiots the girls are throughout the show, "“The Hills” isn’t aiming to stimulate or inspire; I think people watch it mostly to figure out why they’re watching it." If I ever figure this out, I'll let you know.

Thankfully, The New Yorker returned to its usual fare with Nick Paumgarten's piece on elevators, which intermittently told the anxiety-inducing story of Nick White's 41 hours stuck in a McGraw-Hill elevator. I've been stuck twice. Once on a kindergarten field trip at the community hospital--our class split in two and I was in the lucky group to be stuck for about 20-30 minutes, until they opened the doors and started hoisting us out. The second time was in college when I was once again amazed by my own strength as the elevator slowed and ended up creeping to the basement of my dorm after I accidentally caused the inner doors to open. The last incident had me cowering in the corner as we appeared to be trapped, while Jody and Best Friend just laughed at me. I will admit to a love of the elevator in O'Shaughnessy that would take us to the college radio station for the late shows. Be sure to check out the security tape of Nick's time in the elevator. Interesting Tidbit: The door close button doesn't actually work and is a psychological empowerment trick on all elevators built in the last 20 years.

I'm taking it as another sign that I really need to move into the city with news that Manhattan rents have dropped, combined with Gawker's map of just how little people in New York make. Go Jessi! Your low sports salary will get you somewhere, afterall!

Slate discusses the significant carbon imprint of the Olympic Torch's trek around the world. During its four month trek, it will emit more carbon than a typical American would in two lifetimes. Hope you can blow the flame out, protesters! (Oh Canada, you know we love hippie protesters!)

Slate followed that up with a piece on the next mortgage crisis: Prime Mortgages in California. As interest rates are about to reset, many home owners are finding that their mortgage is twice the current value of their home and choosing to simply give the keys to the bank and walk away. For a second, I was glad that my student loans have kept me down so much that there's no way I'll ever own a home in the near future and at least don't have to worry about this.

I can't get enough of Ryan Adam's blog and am sad that he's almost done with it. His post about himself is fantastic and discusses all the women he hasn't dated (take that New York Magazine) and how some hack writer has ruined his reputation with the mis-told story that he kicked the kid out of his show after yelling Summer of '69. I've come to love Ryan Adams over the last 9 months and Jody still has fantastic plans to see him live, simply to be kicked out of his show. Jody, I guess the dream is over. (Or as Crowded House would tell you, Don't Dream It's Over...there's still a chance he'd snap at you.)

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