Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jessi is Living (or at least meeting) the Dream, Bob Love and The Blog's Biggest Fan

After coming home from Cloud Cult around 330 Saturday morning, I managed to grab a few hours of sleep before a highly entertaining wake-up call. We roamed around Connecticut a bit before deciding to join the boys in Hoboken. While it's great whenever the four of us can get together, our honorary fifth, TJ, was in town last night and from about 8 o'clock on, he decided to be Pope Timbo the Une. Lots of papal blessings ensued, which might have led to his victory with Jody over Perry and I in the final game of Buckhunter. (Let the record show that we won the first series.) I just wish I had photos of TJ doing the blessings and I really should've brought the camera out for more of the evening--I need some more recent photos of my ND crew.

The blog uncovered its biggest fan last night and really should've bought him a drink, but he's nice enough to pay for everything, so the blog owes him one. When he's not searching for himself on the blog, he likes to see which famous people I'm hanging out with, so this roll of random photos is for him. And those non-famous people, we'll get to them down at the bottom of this one...

That's me, Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon and Stacey Brown in Houston

Me and Bob Love. I'd just caught his story on ESPN's Black Magic two days before flying to Chicago to meet him. He was a lot of fun.

That's Kevin being famously ridiculous with me. We are not happy with him for not taking a serious photo--therefore, he has to suffer the indignity of exposure on the internets. All was forgiven though once we started playing Buckhunter.

And no, Kevin and I are not dating and trying to match. We won't date each other, because we love to match our clothes and doing that while in a couple is very strange.

(Note to Perry: while I'm feeding your love of famous people photos, keep in mind that this is a music blog and reading those posts will keep you from the 10 page emails of new music I tend to send and we need to have a music exchange date, which will overwhelm your macbook and your musical sensibilities, but make your commute far better.)

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