Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cloud Cult play The Bowery Ballroom 4.18.08

Cloud Cult played their second NYC show at The Bowery on Friday night, after a show at Union Hall in Brooklyn the night before. The Forms and Illinois, who are actually from Philly, opened for the band.

I'd been introduced to the band in the fall and should've gone to their show in September, but already had plans and never explored the band until the last few months, after meeting Jeff, who LOVES the band. It was great to learn their story and from someone who is so passionate about the band and it was definitely an added bonus that there was so much of their music already out there for me to discover, unlike some of the new bands who only have an EP. Cloud Cult released Feel Good Ghosts on their site right before I left on a long business trip around the country, so I took it as a sign to purchase that and The Meaning of 8 before I left.

I didn't know what to expect as I settled into my flight to Phoenix with the records ready on my iPod, but I found myself loving the juxtaposition of the strings and piano with the electronic, bombastic side, tied together in a bundle of emotions and imagery. I'd never been brought to tears before upon a first listen, but found myself overwhelmed by their album on the flight. Jeff's extensive lessons on the meaning behind the music definitely didn't help as I was pulled in by the lyrics. Their music has gotten inside me and it battles Bon Iver each night for my musical selection as I go to sleep.

I don't have the set list from the concert, but below is the video I took of Chain Reaction earlier in the night and their encore, Love You All. Mp3s of both songs follow, as well. (I have a few more clips on YouTube, too.) And for those of you who have yet to experience a Cloud Cult show, you can get a glimpse of Craig's wife, Connie, as she paints in the background. My favorite Cloud Cult fan told me that the other visual artist, Scott, had to travel back to Minnesota after his dog suddenly passed away, so there was only one painting to auction that night. I've always wondered when the winner would take possession of the painting, but as we left The Bowery that night, the winner was awkwardly carrying it down the street without any sort of wrapping or protection--he even had to set it on the street a few times in an attempt to get a better grip. Should've grabbed a cab, buddy.

Definitely a great show and such a different, but entirely genuine, concert experience. I only wish I'd been smart enough to pick them over ND football in the fall.

Chain Reaction

Love You All (encore)

Chain Reaction (Live)
Love You All (Live)

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