Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brett Discovers The Seascape

When Brett isn't wearing a tuxedo and trying to jump into bed with my (male) roommates, he's really good at being my office music friend. Two days ago he sent me his latest favorites from hypem and amazingly, he'd found a band based only a few miles from our office in Norwalk. He was so excited to have found a local group to replace last year's obsession--Al Payson. (More on that if my heart ever heels.)

The Seascape is a group of 17 year old high schoolers in Darien, who've been playing since they were 13 and doing Christmas songs at school, before moving onto write and perform their own material. After listening to a few of their songs last night, I emailed our office live music crew to see if they were up for catching their show next Friday, only to discover that they're playing at the local teen center--not exactly conducive to a group of twenty-somethings who enjoy having some beers while listening to music. But if you're under the drinking age, catch their show next week at The Depot--it's only 5 bucks and who knows, maybe we'll show up, afterall.

And thanks to Quick Before It Melts for putting their stuff out there for us to discover.

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