Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Team Rad, Extraterrestirials, Rainbows & Margaritas

After a very lazy, but wonderful Friday at home, I was looking forward to a trek into the city Saturday. And thanks to The Warners' new-found love of Nike Plus, I had some miles to log for our latest challenge. It's no surprise that only my competitive nature could drag me out of bed on a Saturday morning. He recommended Lance Armstrong's long distance workout and after three runs, I've already dropped 15+ secs off my mile pace. I'm not such a fan of Lance's music selections, but I like the updates/tips/encouragement throughout the run and it caused some crazy Lance dream last night, but I'll only tell The Warners about that one!

I was already running late for my train (usual story there) when I came back from the run, so I jumped in the shower, grabbed some breakfast and headed to the train station for the trek to the city. After a few emails Kelly's Jeff and I decided to meet at The Gugg. (Note to Ebele: I am still calling this a blind meet-up. Thank you very much!) I'd read about Cai Guo-Quiang's exhibition, but had completely spaced on it when we made plans.

The museum's lobby was a crowded fiasco and I was herded into the atrium area with 9 Chevy cars hanging above me. Definitely an interesting spot to wait for a girl whose fears involve falling from high places and things falling on me. (Note to Best Friend...that's what we call foreshadowing, but this is latent--I don't give away the secret.) I was on a DeVotchKa kick in the lobby and How It Ends was a great soundtrack to the video piece that kept me in a trance as I waited for Jeff to do battle with a deli, all over an apple juice. (Note to Little Miss Sunshine & Eternal Sunshine: A+ on your work.)

The exhibition was interesting, although let's be serious, I never know what to make about some of these installations. I'm still laughing to myself about the tunnel of love portion where visitors could jump into a little boat and push themselves along the canal. The video pieces were informative, as they showed his large scale explosions, unlike the videos that drive me nuts at MOMA. It's even better when he has younger people doing the igniting and fanning the fire. The gun powder effect kept making me/us want to touch the paintings, but those sneaky guards were onto us. The artist certainly has an obsession with extra-terrestrials and rainbows (Note to artist: real rainbows do not look like hyenas), wolves and tigers, spears and pyrotechnics. Guo-Quiang was even hanging out at the museum in his studio in residence, working on some clay statues. We think it was all part of his interior motive to see what people thought of his work.

After the museum we headed for Mexican at Sante Fe for some food and what turned into lots and lots of margaritas. The music was phenomenal and unlike my subway ride that morning, it was not a live mariachi band. Instead, they went against all stereotypes and were playing 90's alternative from one of the satellites. (We're not sure which one--it took three waiters just to get that information.) The place was empty when we got there, but slowly filled as the night wore on. They might have realized that we weren't leaving that soundtrack, as the music eventually switched to dance pop around nine and it was time to leave.

It was defintitely a fun day/night--still a bit random to try to get to know someone in a museum, but the gugg and mexican were full of talking. I was definitely in my comfort zone early on, which leads to me talking about all sorts of things. Maybe I've spent too much time with Tommy and don't know when to bite my tongue anymore, but I'm not convinced that it's a bad thing either.

After quite a late Saturday night, Sunday was unproductive but good with lots of laying in bed and Arrested Development...not such a bad combination.

As I'm writing and listening to Pela, I have to admit that I'm currently in love with them, but their singer took a worse fall than me this weekend and they've had to cancel their tour. Since they're a Brooklyn band, I'm hoping to catch them in the city sometime this year.

This is my current favorite song by them, Waiting on the Stairs. (If I hadn't traveled so much in October, I would've loved to go to CMJ at the Bowery. I'll get to the Bowery in the spring.)

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