Sunday, March 23, 2008

Still Traveling

My head has been in a daze the last two weeks from all the travel. Last weekend, I headed to Indy to spend the day with Neelay and meet his fiancee. They treated me to an array of traditional Indian foods throughout the day and I was loving it. It was great to catch up with my favorite Brown guy and I can't believe it'd been a year and a half since I'd last seen him. From Indy, I headed to Houston for two days. I've never been a fan of that town, but it did bring back so many memories of our week at TEAMS during grad school. (Note to self: Insert side-talking photo here.)

I came back home on Wednesday to run errands and get in a fight with the Asians at my salon. Thursday and Friday it was back to work and watching lots of basketball in the rec room. And being the restless girl that I am, I trekked into the city on Saturday for some shopping, galleries and basketball at Hi-Life with Jeff. Today has been a fabulously lazy day and I'm off to Chicago tomorrow for two days.

Once again, the blue proves why I love them so with David Sedaris's Easter story. Of course, that got me youtubing and the below video has a guy reading my favorite story from Me Talk Pretty One Day, You Can't Kill the Rooster. I love that the guy (who eerily resembles Nick-I-Like) can't help but laugh as he's reading it to his friends. I can't even read it to my friends, because I'm usually laughing too hard. I love that David.

MGMT popped into my head in the city yesterday and I've been listening/singing it to myself ever since--I might have even been spotted dancing at the train platform in Harlem this morning. I'm currently loving Electric Feel and Kids the most. Both videos follow--I'm still sad that I wasn't at SXSW. I love how he goes into the crowd and is dancing with them throughout the song (spring break!). White people can dance when given the right beat! (Note to Sam: I'm making you this cd.)

Electric Feel Live in LA in January

Kids at SXSW

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