Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Primaries are Making Me Cranky

Once again my home state has let me down in election times (don't judge me, Nick-I-Like). Our row has been fired up (ready to go) for the big primaries today. I might even have gone a little overboard and found that the dive bar in my neighborhood was having a watch party, triggering my inner political nerd.

I managed to run and swim, while still coming home early enough for a solid evening of election coverage. Now I'm just Jessi Cranky Pants, but still watching after midnight, which reminds me of the late-night 2004 presidential election with the Canadian.

The only thing that is making me laugh is what Justin A. pointed out during the last big election coverage night: Murray from Flight of the Conchords is freelancing as political talking head and using the pseudonym, Chuck Todd. See for yourself. (Note to Justin A.: I give the proper people credit on my blog. Note to self: start a war with Uniwatch over links unjustly credited to Justin:) )

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