Sunday, March 16, 2008

Painting Chicago Green!

While Dommie had to work on Saturday, we woke up and headed to Belltown for brunch with Emily before settling into Ginger’s Ale House for the day. Thanks to facebook I saw that my Nicole Lee was in town for the festivities, too! Nicole and her girls had a much earlier start and were roaming with roadies in Dunkin cups to see the river being dyed, as we were just getting started. We stayed in touch all day and there was definitely some jumping when she showed up at the bar at the end of the night. Our last two encounters were completely random and we had no idea we were both in the same cities until that day. There might not be anyone more exciting to randomly run into on the road. Our day at Ginger’s was pretty much a day of solid drinking around our table that Emily managed to finagle for us before we’d even gotten our first beers. The jukebox certainly didn’t seem to understand that it was St. Patty’s Day, as strange 80s selections and lots of Tupac kept pouring from the speakers. When a selection of songs by Rod “The Bod” Stewart started, I was accused of commandeering the jukebox, but there was just another person in the bar with really good musical taste. (Note to my non-ND readers: You haven’t lived until you’ve listened to my Best Hits by Jessi collection.)
The bar had a curious mix of people and our Irish eyes seemed to spot lots of trannies, especially the one in a tiara. One of those awkward bag pipers came into the bar later in the evening and I hadn’t seen Dommie that antsy since I last watched an award show with him. Then there was the girl in a grey sweat suit who kept going Flash Dance on us. Oh wait, she gave us the shoulder once; then Kelly and I did it the rest of the day.
Lots of Strongbow was consumed by this girl and those kids at Black Hand Productions, while the rest of the crowd focused on Black & Tans, Guinness, and Baileys. We had a fabulous waitress who was disappointed by our slow drinking early in the day, but I like to think that we fully redeemed ourselves as the evening progressed. Enjoy the pictures…

My beer really wanted me to Be Amish

I'm calling this one Single Shoulder, Double Bobcat

I love how distubed the Emily looks in this picture.

Dommie, Me and a Knife

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