Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mini-Reading: Alex P. Keaton Week

This week started with the sad news that Jeff Healey passed away at the very young age of 41. I've been crediting my long-lost ND friend, Rick, with telling me that the sad song Alex P. Keaton chooses on the jukebox after his heart is broken was Jeff Healey's Angel Eyes. (I can't find any clip on YouTube of this, causing me to think I'm making this all up.

The Canadian would always support my love of this song in grad school, as it's more of my favorite--Canadian Musicians!!

Adding to the fun of the unofficial Alex P. Keaton of the former writers for Family Ties discusses his thoughts on what Alex P. Keaton's political leanings might be in this election year in the Times.

(Note to Sony BMG: I would've put the real music video here, if your rules weren't so strict!)

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