Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Little Stevie Nashes Rock Chicago at Casa Biscuso-Leddy!

It was back to downtown Chicago on Friday as I joined Kelly, Emily and Mary for lunch and some serious shopping. W should salute our patriotism with all the money we threw back into the economy. Em and Kelly made a fabulous dinner of crab macaroni and cheese. Then it was time to get serious about being in a band.

I’ve had a weird fascination with costumes lately, so my suitcase was immediately opened and our extra jerseys from the events were pulled out and promptly worn. While there might have been a Luol Deng on drums and Peja would occasionally guest on a song, we were the Little Stevie Nashes. Because of my awesome voice and general loudness, this girl was the lead singer at first, then they realized that maybe they should stick a guitar on me instead. Should I ever find myself as an actual singer in a band, I would probably drink a bottle of wine on stage each night—that stage fright is awful, even if it’s in front of some of my closest friends, but throw a guitar on me and my inner rock star comes out. (I attribute my awesome stage presence to the theatrics taught to me by the boys of Quiet Riot. And no, their show hadn’t changed from the awesomeness of their heyday, even though we saw them in 2001.)
We worked our way through most of the Rock Band catalog, before finally ending the show around midnight. We really gave our fans what they wanted and I think Mary discovered a passion for the drums along the way.
(Note to Jody: Yes, I did use the word awesome that many times.)

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