Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jessi's Reading 3/2

It's back to work tomorrow, which is exciting, because I'm having some row withdrawal. My Kate has been off in Colorado for the last week and I'm hoping that she didn't injure her foot again. I think I accidentally called her on Saturday...whoops. Thanks Margarita! Justin A. is in Vegas for his 3rd trip out of the office, but Sam and Ebele should be there. (Sam loves shout-outs in the blog...he's my minor blogebrity!)

My poor Mozilla is full of random articles and things I've been reading online and I need to clean this up before I can even think of getting any work done tomorrow. I made myself some Auntie Anne's organic mac and cheese, which is one of my favorite quick meals...even if it makes me feel like I'm a 4 year old who can't cook. (I really miss cooking the massive meals for our friends in grad school, although the poor Canadian could never deal with my love of/obsession with spice and cheese.) I somehow had a hankering for Janis's Maybe, so she's keeping me company as I catch up on my reading.

Can I go on a Janis tangent, please? (Watch out friends, a LOST spoiler is coming...) I heart Desmond and loved the episode this week and might be a romantic sap deep down inside, so when he and Penny finally spoke with each other, it was beautiful. Nick Brown (ooo, it's Nick's first tag) even sent me the video, which I'm putting here. It gave me goose bumps; it was that great.

(This video also had me telling one of my bestest friends to propose to her boyfriend by playing the clip and asking him to be her constant. It was leap year day, after all. Thank god she's known me so long. And her boyfriend just thinks I'm slightly crazy at this point, but in a good way.)

BUT, Penny's been ruined by her turn on that HBO show Tell Me You Love Me. Jeremy and I started watching it this summer and we'd have to shut our front door and close the blinds so that our sweet little Jakai next door couldn't hear or see anything. And it's not just graphic, she was a nasty, bitter woman on the show...basically everything that Penny doesn't seem to be. I had to immediately call Ebele to discuss. She's the only other person who admits to watching that show and we would have whispered conversations about it at work. Whispers with Ebele at work are the best and sometimes juicy, but I'll let you think that it's always juicy.

I'm quite talkative tonight, but not as talkative as some people were today...back to the reading:

Since I continue to tell everyone that Marissa Tomei was so hot and that I'm jealous of her boobs in the movie Before the Devil Knows Your Dead, I have to share this...Philip Seymour Hoffman was pegged as one of the top ten worst nude scenes in film (ooo, I got to say film!) I never understood how those two would ever be married in that movie, but oh well. It gave me a horribly twisted feeling in my stomach afterwards and Justin A. and I could hardly talk as we left the theater.

The Atlantic had an interesting article on how the American housing/urban dynamic is changing and the suburban sprawl is going to be the new ghetto. Relatively new subdivisions are already ridden with homeless squatters and crime, due to recent foreclosures. Makes me happy again that I'm renting in an urban area, instead of owning a house in middle america. I kept picturing the rundown house from Fight Club as I was reading this. Love me some Chuck Palahniuk.

The Moran Library & Museum is exhibiting Irving Penn's work. After all the installations at the Gugg yesterday, I need some photography in my life. Gonna have to check it out on one of my next trips to the city.

Thanks to Q (aka Ernesto) for turning me onto Stuff White People Like. A good part of my Friday was spent giggling and exclaiming that I, too, liked these things! I like Apple! I like Indie Music! We're all about expensive sandwiches! Jeremy might have found me to be a bit weirder (in the Claire voice) than usual when he came home and I was still reading while we laid around the apartment that evening.

The Blue comes through again with this post on Syd Barrett. Kevin, if I weren't inundating you with email right now, I'd be sending this your way. They also had this post about Brooklyn writers. It reminded me of this article, which gave me serious rage because I love my Brooklyn authors. Eggers, Safron Foer, his wife, and many others. Basically all my favorite authors like to include diagrams, and rambly writing and that's exactly what I like. (Note to self: Brooklyn scores another point in the where should Jessi live drama.)

Bloomberg had an op-ed in the Times declaring that he's not running for president. People were already protesting in the city this weekend over the possibility of him as VP. I'm intrigued by him, but happy that he didn't go Ralph Nader on us. And I'm still really, really nervous and excited for Tuesday. Justin A. and I might have to have a political nerd night with some Colony. Timmy would fit right into the mix, too.

We tried this thing called Spokeo last week and it sounded way more creepier than it actually was. It basically uses your email address book to tell you what your friends are up to online. The only interesting thing that it came back with was Amazon wish lists, but we obviously hardly use those anymore, as most people had things on there from three years ago. It will also show their myspace, picasso, friendster, pandora and other accounts and what might be on there. It's like facebook's news feed and not as fun.

This last one is for Kate and Katie. When we were in Maui last year, we kept talking about wanting to take a helicopter ride or charter a boat to go snorkeling, but that we couldn't because only rich people got to do those things. In the week after we left, a helicopter crashed and everyone died. We felt badly for those rich people and thankful that we were poor. With the volcano spewing lava on the big island, lots of homes have been abandoned, but these rich people are making money with their Lava B&B. And they know how to out run lava flows. Awesome.

I'm sleepy. And will be blogging about my weekend at a later date.

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