Monday, March 17, 2008

Jessi's Listening to Bon Iver + Cloud Cult

The entire purpose for this blog has been sidetracked lately. It all started back at New Years when I was determined to listen to a new (as in different) cd each day, rather than my favorites from 2007 that had taken over my iPod. I was doing so well for the first two months, but have recently fallen hard for Bon Iver and Cloud Cult.

It's felt like Bon Iver was hovering on the tip of my tongue for a month before I found him. I'd sent Perry a long list of music recommendations before heading to Hawaii, of which he's slowly plugging through, and then heard some songs from Black Mountain, who I'm not that into, but I thought Kevin would like. Then, when I went to see Dax Riggs, the girl who I met there, was supposed to see Black Mountain and Bon Iver the night before. I hit up nyctaper for the National concert and someone asked in the comments what song was playing when the band took the stage. Guess what? It was Bon Iver's Flume. Then, NPR's Live Concert series had his DC show as a download and I've been hooked since listening to it. (Note to Bob Boilen: I want your job and love your taste.) And even better news! NPR just posted his set from SXSW, which I'd listen to now but am on such a slow internet connection in this hotel. I can't wait to download Bon Iver's album For Emma, Forever Ago whenever I finally make it back to Connecticut. There's been a ton of stuff written about the album and the three or four months that Justin Vernon spent in seclusion in the woods writing and recording the album, so google away for more info. I love his falsetto and I think it's the perfect music for two or three in the morning when I just want to lay in bed with music and have no desire to sleep (which seems to be quite often lately).

Cloud Cult is something that I wish I'd pay more attention to when Kelly first asked if I'd go to their concert in the fall with her crazy work friend. Back then my head was too wrapped around ND football and the people that came with the game watches to even consider missing one when I was already in town for so few. I think I only went to their myspace page and don't even remember listening to any of the music. At the same time, I wonder if they would've affected me so much back then. I seem to be in such a different mental space than I was last year.

When it was time to find someone for the National, I asked Kel if Jeff would go and she said, "Jessi, his favorite band paints on stage during their concerts. I'm sure he'd be fine with yours." This gave me a bit of a Blue Man Group impression (thank you Tobias) and since I judge everyone on their musical taste, I couldn't even let myself listen to any of their music before meeting him, lest I hate it and completely write him off. I downloaded Feel Good Ghosts two weeks ago and it got plenty of listening time at work and on my drive to the city to grab Woody for Texas Independence. Thank god I liked it or else I would've never been able to talk music with Jeff again. I downloaded the Meaning of 8 before leaving on this ten day trip and it's slowly reaching the comfort level. (If you're going to download their albums, go straight to their website, as they get a much better cut releasing it themselves than through iTunes.) Now to just get my Kelly and Jody into town for their concert in April and my first show at The Bowery. (Note to Jeff: you should've never told me about the death of their son. It leads to Jessi crying on planes when listening to the lyrics, which is completely embarrassing.)

And just in case the boys of EAOD are googling themselves again, I just found out that Cloud Cult was on the bill at Monolith. This would've given me another thing to talk incessantly about and also ask for a connection to get backstage passes for the show at the Bowery.

Cloud Cult's No One Said It Would Be Easy at SXSW. Before buying tickets last night, I was afraid that they wouldn't translate well live. This put me at ease.

I might have already posted this rendition of Skinny Love by Bon Iver at the Bowery, but I haven't slept in 12 days, have no idea what city I am in and just want to be back in New York.

(Note to Nick Brown: Be amazed! It's a post about music again! And keep sneaking The National onto your car mixes. My influence will reach those friends of yours at some point!)

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nyctaper said...

Hey Jessi, feel free to email me for the download location of my Bon Iver recording too. I hope you enjoyed the National.