Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jessi Knows Professional Athletes!

The last week has been a blur of NBA events around the country. I've been to Phoenix with Steve Nash and Chicago with Luol Deng on my way to Houston with Hakeem Olajuwon, but nothing beats a sighting of my favorite kicker for the Buffalo Bills, DJ Fitzpatrick!!

When I used to work with ND's football team (during the Bob Davie years), I worked for the linebackers/special teams coach and while he was having meetings with the linebackers, the kickers/punters/holders/snappers would show up early for warm-ups. Ellen and I adored our kickers and especially mothered DJ. "He's our freshman and we love him!" When he started, the rest of the kickers would make fun of his punting and perform DJ punts that would go about 5 feet--this would cause us to yell and tell them to leave DJ alone. Fortunately, his punting skills improved greatly and we wish he were still the ND kicker. It's been fun to watch him after we graduated and there have been WAY TOO MANY text messages about DJ during football games.

We love DJ!!

It was a great surprise to see him at the bar as I came back to our table from the bathroom and I think fate decided to put him at the table next to ours with Roger Klauer, who played with the soccer team when I worked with them. I loved catching up with those two and was texting and calling Ellen who requested that I send DJ her love and pinch his butt.

ND lost the Big East tournament game, but otherwise, the night was a lot of fun. Chrissy and I met Neddy at the bar and I might have assaulted him 17 times, but I love him. Now just to find those two some lovers in Chicago.

Oh and here are the other famous people that I saw this week. I'm very popular!

Steve & I. He might be the ideal height...

Me and Luol. I'm wearing flats and have crazy hair. I shook his hand on the curb when he was on the street and felt really tall, then reality set in.

Neddy isn't famous, but he should be.

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