Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Texas!

Kupper and I have lived in the New York area for 2 1/2 years and I've probably seen him 4 times, 2 of which were in the last 6 weeks. (He's giving me an A- overall, as my A++++++++ from the past weekend greatly raised my grade.) We were texting about Texas Independence a few weekends ago and then I got the invite to the Texas Independence Day Party. I was a little hesitant at first, but I'm tired of Connecticut and tend to trek in every weekend, so I figured why not. Little did I know that a not-serious-at-all invitation from me to Woody would get him here, too!

Woody and I headed to Yogi's around 5 and Kupper was there with his football coach from high school who coaches once again at Columbia and another coach. I had a bit of trouble when it came to keeping my hands off Jeff--I couldn't help it, as you'll see in the pictures, his outfit was fabulous and the lone star was conveniently located on his chest. Our flirting is always imbued with a deep sense of repulsion, which entertains both of us. The boy had on jeans, boots, belt buckle, a lone star flag button down shirt with cowboy string tie, corduroy sport jacket and hat. I loved it!

Hakola and his lady showed up shortly after and I pounced on him--so good to see him after almost two years. Woody invited some friends from Texas (who we'd (ahem, Eric,) ramdomly met and scared last year during one of our OU weekends in the city) and Jeff showed up wearing a little bit of Texas, or Montana. More Columbia people trickled in as the night wore on and one of the bar tenders showed up in sparkled underwear over tights. And there was a yuppie who kept lingering...definitely a mixed crowd at the dive bar.

Between the 172 bottles of Lone Star for each year of Texas' independence and the Tough Texan shots, Kupper had plenty of cheap alcohol for the evening. We eventually left for dinner at Hi Life, of which I've heard all sorts of things, and if Jeff isn't a celebrity there, which I think he is, he's at least surrounded by celebrity look-a-likes. Woody might have missed us too much and passed out on the bar for the final half hour or so. (This image of Woody would have been entertaining, but has no chance of replacing the image of us sprinting out of bars hoping to lose him or how long it took him to realize we were giving him flavored water during our last trip to Athens. Oh, Woody. You've got 3 1/2 months left, buddy!)

The Texas party left me nostalgic for our last Texas party at Courtside in Athens with fist pounding, Sizzle and the flag, my favorite basketball coaches (Note to The Warners: this is not Coach Kevin) and Carl with a Jager Bomb in his hand.

Ooo, and it was Lou's birthday. These shots are blurry, but I still love the coloring in them. And yes, that's an Entenmann's singles cake.

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