Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hallejuah! Kiks now likes 7 songs!

The Blue came through again with a great post about covers of Leonard Cohen’s Hallejuah. I usually cringe at everything American Idol (the first season began when I was in Scotland and I found myself perplexed upon my return to an apartment of crazed Idol fans), but Jeremy has had me watching the show with him like the good accounting widow that I am when he comes home. One of the guys last week sang the song and it spurred a nice conversation about the versions.
The post linked to a blog that analyzed the variations between Cohen’s original and a later live performance, followed by Cale’s cover which changed a few of the lyrics. It seems that when Jeff Buckley covered the song, he used Cale’s version, as the lyrics are the same as Cale’s and he follows the same style. Buckley’s version will always be my favorite, but I can’t figure out when I fell for the song. I know that it was sometime in college, so I might have been one of those late-comers, but I’m refusing to give Shrek credit for the introduction. The analysis also covers the surge in covers and the many tv shows and movies that have used it, but always in a sad, heartbreaking context.
Check out My Old Kentucky Blog for mp3s of the covers. KD Lang’s voice really suits the song and I was excited to hear Beirut’s version, which led to my discovery of their Black Session. (Note to Black Sessions: when are you going to give me access to the sets from each show? They’ve been one of my favorite musical discoveries over the last year.) Vive la France!
The best part of Idol doing the song is that Kiks now has found a new song that she likes! I was chatting with Mom last night and out of nowhere, she says, I like that Hallejuah song! My first thought was, oh shit, she has found my blog, even though I hadn’t even gotten the chance to publish this post. Fortunately, she is just addicted to Idol. There once was a time that my mom loved music and we see flashes of this when David Bowie comes out of the speakers, but she hates having the radio on in the car, which led Dad and I to plot ways to keep her out of the car on the trip to the airport when I was last home. She eventually caught onto us and we had to endure the drive to Cleveland in radio silence.
Here for your listening pleasure are the 7 songs that Kiks enjoys, in no particular order:
1 Guns ‘N Roses – November Rain
2 Jeff Buckley – Hallejuah
3-7 I just called Kiks to ask what songs she liked and she couldn’t remember anything beyond GNR. She told me to just ask Dad when he is back in town—no fun at all, Kiks!

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