Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dave Eggers - TED Talk

I've had a fascination with Dave Eggers ever since Kelly lent me A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. (Note to readers: when Kelly and Jody tell you that there's a crazy twist at the end, do not let your literary imagination run wild. They will think you're insane as you try to conjecture what this twist might be.) When I found out that he'd been awarded one of the TED prizes for 2008, I wanted to hear his talk but didn't find it online until today. It's 25 minutes, but definitely worth it--his nervous energy leads to a rambly, oratory style but the audience is quickly drawn in by his sense of humor and the story/photos behind 826 Valenica.

826 Valencia was started as a writing tutorial shop in San Francisco, where the McSweeney's team would work during the day and take time in the afternoon to tutor kids after school, but the space was zoned for retail. Since they had to sell something, it became a pirate supply shop in the front. The story is pretty inspirational and chapters have been popping up around the country. I'm now on a mission to check out the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

In other Dave Eggers news, I was reading You Shall Know Our Velocity when I interviewed for Velocity. It wasn't until I set the book down to go to bed the night before the interview that I realized this. FBF's influence was definitely still on me, as I took it as a sign that I had to work at Velocity. What is the What is his latest book and while I was leery about reading it at first, it was very well done. Also, I am thankful that I did not ramble on about the book when I met Luol Deng a few weeks ago. That would've been bad. Finally, McSweeney's is great for random amusement, particularly their quirky lists and recommendations.

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