Friday, March 7, 2008

Crazy about Swayze

As a self-avowed Crazy About Swayze girl, I was saddened by the news of his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. I'm not sure when my love first started, but it's been going strong for years, something probably shared with Kelly and Jody and Ellen in college, but it took on a life of its own in grad school after I told the Canadian. Soon enough, he was calling me into the living room or bedroom whenever Roadhouse was on (a movie that I have yet to watch in it's entirety), I was leaving Crazy About Swayze puzzles on his office desk and I decided this our official song.

-I'm still angry whenever that guy who played his co-worker in Ghost shows up in a movie or tv.
-I feel like buying a pottery wheel is permissible, just in case Patrick Swayze ever swings by.

-Did that scene where Whoopi lets Patrick inhabit her body for a final night with Demi ever really throw anyone? I used to cry everytime I'd watch the movie, but that scene was perplexing. I could never imagine Demi actually doing things to Whoopi's body with Patrick's voice constantly saying ditto. Fortunately, that left most of that scene to our imagination and I'm probably the only one who has over-analyzed it
-I never realized Chris Farley was in this skit, as I couldn't take my eyes off Swayze--such great 80s hair!

I've got my fingers crossed for him.

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