Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to the Music

Now that I'm finally done traveling for a while, it seems like I can get my life back together. I had the house to myself on Friday night and other than some much needed phone calls with Eric and The Warners, it was a very quiet night. Trekked into the city on Saturday and introduced Randi to the Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien. We did some shopping and I roamed around mid-town and the park for a bit, before heading to Blondie's for some basketball. Talked sports with a PR guy until Jeff showed up for the Xavier game and I also made friends with a skinny Andre Agassi look-a-like. I randomly got a text asking what the official video from the CCC finals had been and got Andre to play it on his iPhone.

Today has been a Jessi Cranky Pants day. Just been laying around the house, tired, confused and listening to music. I'm still loving Cloud Cult & MGMT, while giving The Raconteurs' new album a few spins this week. It still hasn't fully grown on me, like Broken Boy Soldier, but we'll see.

Here's what's struck my fancy over the last few weeks:

  1. Go to Hell by David Ford (Songs for the Road) - Not sure which of my music sites recommended this one, but iTunes refers to him as a mix of Damien Rice & Ray LaMontagne. I'll definitely be downloading the rest of the album.
  2. Little Bit by Lykke Li (Youth Novels) - This one gets into my head and the beat doesn't want to leave.
  3. Electric Feel by MGMT (Oracular Spectacular) - The song makes me want to do certain things.
  4. Kids by MGMT (Oracular Spectacular) - My other favorite song from their album. I wish the Brooklyn band was playing nearby sometime makes me want to drive to Vermont to catch their show in a few weeks (and knock another state off my map!)
  5. Don't Fight It by The Panics (Cruel Guards) - So melancholy, even before my current mood set in.
  6. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man by Morning Jacket (Live at Bonnaroo) - Yay! Something to lift my spirits. I've always adored this song by Prince and was excited to find this cover. (Note to Canada: I could use the Prince Chappelle Show skit right about now.)
  7. Glad Girls by Guided by Voices (Isolation Drills) - I was listening to KEXP the other day and this came on and I said to myself, "No way! My crazy blogging about EAOD has gotten one of their songs onto the radio." Nope. I'd just seen them do a cover on youtube, but the song stuck in my head.
  8. Along the Way by DeVotchKa (A Mad and Faithful Telling) - I like this song and I liked his set from SXSW. Now it's time to download the album and maybe get my hands on tickets to his show in New York.
  9. We're All Stuck Out in the Desert by Jonathan Rice (Further North) - I'm still trying to place who he reminds me of on this song, but I do like it.
  10. The Sword in the Stone by Ted Leo (Live at the South Street Seaport 2005) - I have a very deep desire to see him live. And he's an ND guy!
  11. Cold Hands Warm Heart by Brandan Benson (The Alternative to Love) - I have really cold hands and feet, so I really identify with this one. Plus, he's my favorite Raconteur.
  12. Anytown Graffiti by Pela (Anytown Graffiti) - I'm so glad these guys were able to get back on tour again. Billy, the lead singer, finally had his stitches removed and they're ready to go. Be sure to support the band, 1) because they're wonderful and 2) because like a lot of people in the arts, there's some medical bills to pay from the last injury. I heard him interviewed on KEXP and he seemed heartbroken to have let the fans down by canceling/postponing some shows. I love his voice and hope to see them at some point this year.
  13. Your 8th Birthday by Cloud Cult (The Meaning of 8) - Thank you Jeff for introducing me to this band. This song tears at my heart as he sings his son's name over and over again, but the entire album is beautiful and so poignant when you've heard the story behind it.
  14. No One Said it Would Be Easy by Cloud Cult (Feel Good Ghosts) - I'm not sure if this is my favorite song off their new album, but I get excited everytime the piano kicks in a few seconds into it and suddenly thirty-nine minutes have passed and I've gone through the entire album. I'm definitely excited to see them at the Bowery in a few weeks. I'm taking it as a good sign that The Forms are opening for them, since they opened for The National when I first saw them. Illinois will be the first opener that night.
  15. These Few Presidents - Why? (Alopecia) - I cannot explain why I love this song so much. The opening always makes me pause and wonder what on earth I'm listening, but the chorus hooks me. I keep picturing FBF making fun of me for my strange electronic music on one of our flights together--he'd certainly give me hell for this one, but I don't care. Let him make fun of my "arcade music" as he called it.
That's all from this girl. Nick Brown, hope you enjoyed an actual music post.

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