Tuesday, March 11, 2008

23 Hours in NYC with Woody!

With 4 months left until the big day for Woody, the boy is trying to cram in everything that he wants to do before he really has to check with the boss. I just laugh every time I hear the excuse, but I loved hearing it on Wednesday! We were chatting that morning and I mentioned that Kupper was having his Texas Independence Day party in the city and I was planning on going. Woody paused (very) briefly, then decided that he wanted to come, too! Soon he was negotiating for one of my free flights on Jet Blue. His flight would've been $900+, so I think he got a good deal on the $200 that he offered. I couldn't resist--I loved the spontaneity behind it and I think I was bouncing around the office all day after we booked the flight.

We were both on very few hours of sleep when I picked him up at JFK, but the boy was craving breakfast. We headed into the city, calling Kupper along the way and learning that Hakola was coming to the party, too. We parked on the UWS and headed to the Manhattan Deli for breakfast, which was much better than the breakfast I'd had in the city the previous weekend. You can see our fabulous deli here, but even more important is the fabulous suit the guy is wearing across the street.

There was a drizzle in the city when we left the restaurant, preventing us from roaming the park, so we decided to take the train to the village. It was raining harder when we got there, but was still bearable for the first 5 minutes. Then the sky opened and we were hiding below awnings until we decided to make a run for Off the Wagon, a Bobcat favorite. I had mascara running down my face and was completely soaked when we got there, but I always like sitting in that bar and drinking the really cheap pitchers. (Although I was QUITE nostalgic for Jeff, Rich, Nicole and Eric.)

a very moist woody
i love this picture of woody, although i'm not supposed to publish it...whoops!

After 2 pitchers, we finally were dry again and headed back up to grab some wings at the Firehouse, then it was time for the Texas Party!!

i'm dry and happy at the firehouse

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