Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Volcano, An Irish Guy and a Bunch of Camera Crazy Asians

I had a very early wakeup this morning, as the alarm went off at 5:30 for my sunrise hike up Diamond Head. It was still pitch black when I got started and it was just my luck that the only bathroom open was the men's, not that that's ever stopped me. It was a fun 3/4 mile hike up the inside of the crater. I reached the summit with less than 10 minutes until sunrise and was shocked to find the top filled with camera-wielding foreign visitors. Needless to say, I took a few pictures for people :)

It was a beautiful sunrise and the top offered some great views of Honolulu, the hills surrounding Diamond Head, and the lighthouse on the water, which would make my Dad very excited. As I was heading to my car, three girls started screaming and pointing back at Diamond Head in a crazed manner, making me think something was wrong. I had to look back three different times before I realized that there was a rainbow stretching over the top. While a normal person would take this as a sign that it's raining somewhere, I admired the view, took a few pictures and put the top down on my Jeep. Obviously, i got a little wet on my way back to the hotel.

The rest of the day was pretty solid. I got in an hour on the beach before lunch, ran into Gerome Sapp at the bar and had a fabulous dinner with my group. Tomorrow takes us to Pearl Harbor and a free afternoon.

Tracy Castro Update: Tracy is sick and has no voice, which may explain why I didn't recognize her voice on her voicemail greeting. We are shooting for a Saturday meeting. Jody will owe me a $1 but if I don't find her, I will be doing what Perry said and taking my picture with an Hawaiian girl and claiming it's Tracy.

Today's album was Tegan & Sara's So Jealous. I started listening to the band after hearing them on CD101 when I was in Columbus with FBF. In those days, I thought it was a guy and a girl, not lesbian sisters. I'm not sure if this selection was unconsciously motivated by recent discussions of Lez Zeppelin and all the lesbian couples running around the hotel. Figures that the majority of women at a sport event are either looking to hook-up with an athlete or have no interest in athletes...well, the male ones at least. I've been wearing dresses and heels as to avoid all stereotypes.

Walking with a Ghost was my introduction to Tegan & Sara (I almost forgot...go Canadian bands!), but I randomly started listening to Fix You Up this summer. After playing that so many times, I realized that I also really liked the following song I Can't Take It. You Wouldn't Like Me, I Bet it Stung, Take Me Anywhere and I Won't be Left are also pretty good. I need to download their latest album, The Con, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

(There is some really bad adult contemporary music going on at the bar outside my hotel. I have to go to sleep with the doors open, since I hate AC especially with a cold, but this is a bit much!)

I guess here is where I confess that I have a weak spot for Grey's Anatomy. I think I almost confessed to this last week emailing about emotional Lost viewers, but then I think I deleted it. Can't make him think I'm actually emotional :) It's reached the point that I can't stand any of the female characters (I really only liked Addison in the past), but I keep watching for the emotional release at the end of each episode. (I couldn't find any live clips from Tegan & Sara that I actually liked...)

And since only one youtube link isn't any fun, here are some clips from Vampire Weekend. They're the official songs of this trip to Hawaii, which are much better than Sexy Back and that Beyonce To the Left song that we kept hearing 7 months after they'd been released last year.

I Stand Corrected from some indie radio show.

Oxford Comma makes me want to dance...a lot. I need to work on my car dancing, it's somehow morphed into the bar dance that my fat, gay, rugby-playing lawyer friend does. I love my Aaron Weir and must attest that he is not gay, but he does have some weird taste in girls. The Canadian midget would not approve of this honesty.

I just adore Vincent Moon. La Blogotheque shot Walcott on the streets of Paris.

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