Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Very Vampire Weekend

This past weekend is quite the blur. I headed to Claire & Charlotte's late on Friday night and it took me forever to fall asleep. I was so afraid that I wouldn't hear Charlotte when she woke up the next morning or during the night, that I ended up waking up pretty early. And as terrified as I may be about having kids, it was so cute to have her wander into my room, say hi with a big, sleepy smile, ask why I was in her mom's bed, then climb into bed with me for some Saturday morning cartoons and chocolate milk. It made me think that I could maybe do the parent thing and the lazy days around the house wouldn't be so bad--as long as I could still travel for work occasionally and have my swimming/running time to myself everyday. I had the girls all day Saturday and thank god Jeremy was cool with us hanging out at the house that afternoon and evening and I love that he got to meet my favorite little girls who entertain me so much. Came home late that night for some tv with Jeremy, then woke early Sunday to run, swim and then cater a Super Bowl party.

Vampire Weekend's new album seemed very fitting for the weekend, as I was definitely keeping my insomniac/night creature hours. I love the island/african influence to the album and it makes me want to dance in my crazy Jessi style. The band's background reminded me of some video making fun of the Greenwich/Fairfield crowd a few years ago--let's just say that we don't have too many people like these guys in Ohio, but I'm used to it in my Connecticut world. I'm loving Cape Cod, Oxford Comma and Walcott, but it's a great album overall and I've already listened to it three times since Saturday. They're on my favorite indie label, Beggars, too. I need to work for an indie label and go on tour with a band. Enough of these sports trips to Hawaii!

For some reason I wanted to listen to my favorite Jewish convert rapper on Sunday as I was getting ready for the Super Bowl. His Live at Stubb's album was fantastic and he had a great set at Lolla a few years ago, but his studio album did nothing for me. The funny thing about Matisyahu is that I always picture Married Friend with a hasidic beard and hairstyle rapping on stage in some nike or adidas track suit. Married Friend wanted to kill me for 3 seconds when I first told him this, then he thought it was classic. Thank god that boy loves me or he would've written me off as crazy a long, long time ago. (For all you loyal readers, the new Hebrew word of the day feature will be coming soon!)

I was trying to keep things mellow on Monday night and threw on Eddie Vedder's soundtrack for Into the Wild. I really enjoyed the book and downloaded the soundtrack as I was reading it. I sent them both onto Daddy Lauer and it was met with his approval. Most of the album is pretty good background music, but I really like Hard Sun. Justin, Tim and I have tried to see the movie multiple times, but one of us was always unable to make it, so we'll have to have a dvd release watch.

I ended up staying awake until 4:30 Monday night--it was a combination of being too excited about Hawaii, trying to organize my life and knowing that the insomnia was not going away and I didn't feel like just laying there for hours. That allowed me to listen to Angels & Airwaves (I've always loved the Blink boys) and Loretta Lyn's Van Lear Rose, on which I love the song Portland and feel like Jack White has SUCH a crush on Loretta in that video.

It's time to head to Hawaii in a few hours, which means lots and lots of iPod time!

This video makes me want to fall in love with everyone in the group in a 60's commune/love-in sort of way. The coloring reminds me of I Dream of Jeannie and as I'm typing this it kinda has that whirling, busy sound in the background between verses that reminds me of the animated intro.

(Note to Universal Music Group: You may try to stop my embedding of your videos, but sometimes I win!)

I love every bit of this video. I've wanted to go to Portland for at least a year, but this video gives me the impression that the entire city is just this bar over and over again. When I do go, I'm staying at the Ace Hotel. It's a funky, high-end European style hotel that features local artists. I had booked a room there in Seattle, but ended up getting a great deal on a regular hotel on priceline and canceled. I'm still sad that I couldn't be hippie, artsy Jessi, so it's on my list for Portland.

If I'm going for an Eddie Vedder video, I have to go with this one. I fell in love with this song during my days at ND, yet it's miraculously been kept free of any guy associations in my head.

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