Thursday, February 7, 2008

Diamond(head)s are Forever

It was a beautiful and laid-back day in Hawaii. I woke up when it was still dark and headed down the beach promenade through Waikiki towards Diamond Head this morning. It's such a strange sunrise here as most of the buildings on the beach block the view of the rise, but the sunset is absolutely gorgeous. I had a good run, even though my body hated me every time I had to run through the sand. I stopped a few times to snap some pictures, but my hands were so shaky that I didn't really get any strong ones. I jumped into the ocean when I got back for a short swim and had my usual panic attack about fish. I have no idea how I'll ever do a triathlon with this crazy fear.

After getting our program under control, I headed to the beach for a few hours and had to laugh as any slightly large or overweight man was being eyed by the beach goers as a potential NFL player. Although it was right after I left the beach that I had my first celebrity encounter! T.O. was hanging at the bar (the same bar that he was at again 5 hours later when we stopped by for dinner) and loving all of the attention. If there's one guy who doesn't mind having his picture taken with random strangers non-stop it's T.O. He had the gaggle of whores/hangers-on when we spotted him this evening. I didn't have my cameras on me either times or else there'd be a celebrity picture right about now.

Chatted with Dommie this evening, who found it funny that I was listening to Zeppelin while in Hawaii. To this, Kevin would probably say, what else is there to listen to? Ooo, this is a great segue into what I read about on the blue this morning. Bonnaroo released it's 2008 lineup today which includes the all-girl cover band Lez Zeppelin...only the AP thought it was Led Zeppelin.

I had no idea what to listen to this evening and continued the not-very-island-ish trend with Kanye's Late Registration. There is a good reason why this album is mostly blocked from my mind. Replace the skits from College Drop-out with Hey Mama, Gold Digger and Touch the Sky and I'd be quite happy. And what's with rap skits anyway? I realize there's some deeper anthropological basis from the roots of hip-hop, but I hate them.

On a better music note, I've been listening to two tracks from Kate Nash's Made of Bricks and really like's going to be a definite download when I get home next week.

I'm still head coldy and afraid that I'm combining too many pills, but am hoping that fear is just a result of the Heath Ledger news today.

Tomorrow is the hike up Diamond Head, so let's hope that my hands aren't super shaky would be a tragedy to ruin that view. The GPS will be guiding me there, so hopefully we won't have a repeat of the U-Turn adventure that was the Kate-Jessi-Sean drive to some NFL party on Diamond Head last year.

New Feature!

Today we learn two need words:

Mahalo is Hawaiian for Thank You but these Hawaiian words feel awkward coming out of my mouth. It reminds me of knowing that I should say hola or gracias to the cleaning staff, but it just feels too presumptuous to say it.

Annas is Hebrew for Pineapple, so maybe I'll find a Hawaiian Jew and force myself into saying Mahalo for the Annas! That's three languages in one sentence!

I'm having far too many thoughts on this right now. One--can someone confirm that they're all lesbians? Two--if they aren't, why isn't Kevin in love with at least one of them. This is the penultimate classic rock girlfriend for him!! Three--I expected more flannel and Doc Martens, although flannel isn't really 70s rock...hmmm. Four--I think the lead singer stole Stephen Tyler's wardrobe.

We love Hey Mama.

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