Monday, February 25, 2008

Dax Riggs at Maxwell's in Hoboken and a little painting in the city

After my late night Friday, Keri woke me up on Saturday to discuss our painting plans and the two of us might have made for the worst sounding phone call in a very long time. Between her hangover and my pill-induced headaches, we were quite the mumbly, groggy pair. Amazingly, we both got our acts together and were ready to paint after lunch. The walls ended up a warm, almost buttery, cream color and it was good to catch up with Keri through the afternoon. (Note to blog: Keri says hi!)

After leaving Keri's I had the fun of the commute from the UES to Hoboken, but each trip on the PATH reminds me of the OU weekend in the city and the drunken wanderings of Eric, Nicole and I in search of the PATH station and Nicole passing out on the ground. I had to call Eric as soon as I got to Hoboken, then chuckled again when I passed the CVS where they disappeared for something, leaving me on the streets drunk dialing one of my favorite ND guys (Note to those in my phone: I'm not a drunk dialer, so watch out if you ever get for drunk texting, that's another story). Now to get the two of them back here for a weekend or even longer.

I made it to Maxwell's before the doors opened and was able to hear the sound check, while I grabbed a drink at the bar. I'd already been missing my brother and wishing he could've joined me for the weekend, when I spotted the only other 3 people waiting for the show and they were all goths, which means Dressy Jessi didn't really fit in with the crowd. The next person in was a normal looking girl from Brooklyn, so we hung out and talked concerts until the bands came on. Maxwell's was such a small venue, that I'll have to check out some more bands in the reminded me of a small Blue Gator, as it had the regular restaurant/bar crowd, plus the concert space. (Note to self: If only Dread Zeppelin could play there each week! The Hoboken boys wouldn't know what to do with me.)

Nash Kato of Urge Overkill started the show and closed his set with Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon. When he was done Jersey's own Pinecone Liquor came on stage. We didn't know what to expect as the lead singer had a cowboy hat, which soon came off, followed by his shirt and those of all his band members. They actually had a really fun, fast, bluesy-rock set with some covers I recognized.

Dax Riggs came on shortly after and while I'd seen him as Deadboy with Tess on drums a few years ago, he was joined on stage by a drummer, who would occasionally forgo the drums for an acoustic guitar.

The drummer was full of energy and seemed to tower over his low drum kit. The set opened with Stop I'm Already Dead and was a mix of covers and songs from his new album, plus a few from We Are Night Sky. I love his soulful voice, combined with the intensity of the guitars and drums. There's a reason I should have an ON playlist, although the lyrics might terrify whoever might be with me. The set ended around 1:30 and I went to have a drink at the bar, did a shot with Dax and chatted with a few guys, while I waited for my ride to pick me up for the evening. It was an interesting evening with a crowd that certainly wasn't my usual set, but definitely worth the trip to Hoboken.

The below video is a cover of the Misfits's Skulls, but there are other videos on my YouTube page from the show (Stop I'm Already Dead, Radiation Blues, Misadventures of Dope, Fly on the Eye of the Lamb and a new one that I think is called Witch Song).

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