Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I was a bit of a grumpy goose when I got to Newark this morning for my flight. I'd gotten less than 3 hours of sleep last night and had a horrible headache from the weekly tumor pill. I passed 4 or 5 signs/adverts for noise canceling headphones before taking it as a sign that I should just buy them for the 21 hours I'd spend on a plane. I was still rationalizing my purchase as I boarded the plane, but figured with the money I made babysitting and catering this weekend, I could justify it. The headphones are worth every penny--I listened to my ipod non-stop for 11 hours (with a few episodes of Always Sunny--Hundred Dollar Baby and Charlie Gets Crippled--so good!), was able to completely tune out the woman with the grating voice across the aisle and have never been happier on a plane.

Last night I downloaded the Killer's Sawdust, which kicked off my flight. I'd already heard all the songs that I really liked, but it was a decent listen. I have the video that goes along with all their Abbey Road session songs and have had a thing for Lou Reed lately, so those plus Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf were my favorites. I think I'm over my Brandon Flowers crush--his Mexistache and inflated ego proved to be a bit too much for me.

I then decided to celebrate Ray LaMontagne's entire catalog with Till the Sun Turns Black and Trouble. I'd never paid much attention to the latter beyond my favorite 3 opening songs, but Hannah and Jolene were both good. Incubus's Light Grenades came on next and that always takes me back to the summer, but thank god that whole situation has been fixed.

Next, I had to go with the Hold Steady for some upbeat music. First Night still gets me--I love the lyric "she was golden with bar light and beer" and the final minute and a half is wonderfully sad during the "boys and girls in america" repetition. And they even threw in some strings to really get me. I can't help but think of the same guy every time I hear this song. The song has the same feel as our relationship has always been over the years. It seems like the best times with him are spent roaming the streets or in a dark bar--I don't know if it's because those are the times when we're usually off on our own, away from the others or if it has something to do with the possibilities that I always seemed to find in those crisp, dark evenings. (I like to picture a smoky atmosphere, but no one smokes in bars anymore, which I only grow nostalgic for in these visuals in my head.)

Arcade Fire's Neon Bible and Snow Patrol's Eyes Open rounded out my plane listening experience. I read The Sun Also Rises on the flight and am still astounded that his prose translates so well 80 years later. I've had to put down so many older books as I find the narrative to be too stuffy, but this read beautifully. My drunken circle of friends might have something to do with my appreciation for the novel and made me want round up the crew from OU, plus a few select ND people for a trip to Spain. I might have identified too well with Brett, as she constantly finds herself surrounded by guys, but of course doesn't end up with Jake.

I picked up my Jeep and headed to the hotel after the flight and it's time to get to bed soon. I've got sunrise runs planned each day, with an early morning hike up Diamondhead at some point, too. Pictures will be going up here throughout the week.

Arcade Fire released their video for Black Mirror last week. The music of this song really scares me in The Ring sort of a way.

Oh no, he dances a little coy with some finger pointing! Those Canadians in this video need to sing a long in time with the song if they're going to do this! (Note to Jessi: this is your first ill comment about Canada.) I'd typically delete this now, but I'm really entertained...oh god, mr. singalong is now improvising... (Note to Jody: while the Jessi likes to tape concert clips and put them onto youtube, she DOES NOT sing a long! I do have really shaky hands, though!)

I listened to various live versions of Gospel at least 6 times in a row on the plane as the sun was going down. Something about this song really resonates with me.

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