Saturday, January 5, 2008

When We Were Younger

It is now official--Guitar Hero has taken over our lives. I woke up around 8:30 today, but I refused to get out of bed and thought I was dreaming about Foghat, as I drifted in and out of sleep. Then, I realized that Jeremy was up and tearing through the songs downstairs. Fortunately, I slept in later than I have in a very long time and our day revolved around guitar hero, running, my trip to the pool, and the football games tonight. If only the Redskins had won.

This afternoon gave me the chance to catch up with my grad school roommate, Eric, who's living in Dallas, but has been traveling all over the mid-west the last few weeks. I've been known to ruthlessly pick on the boy, but he's always felt like part of my family since our days in the Courtyard. Plus, he's the only boy who's come home to meet the family and managed to keep it together during our high stakes poker games. I adore the fact he treats me like his little sister--each playful jab is countered with the most sincere advice, concern and love for me.

Grad school nostalgia tends to put me in the mood for The Killers. (Although it also leads to me sending illicit texts to Canada and beyond whenever Mr. Brightside starts playing in the bar.) I remember the first time I heard Somebody Told Me, I was on the highway in Athens driving back from State Street and I couldn't turn the song off, but I thought the lyrics were a bit strange and out there. (It all made more sense a few years later when I heard that the band had a pretty big gay following in Vegas, which inspired some of the lyrics.) Rich, married friend and I fell in love with Hot Fuss in a big way during our second year in Athens. I still wish I'd gotten to see the Killers with married friend while he lived in NYC, but I was traveling when they played at MSG. Why are the good bands never playing where I'm traveling for work?

While Mr. Brightside turns me on for reasons that I can't explain (and I've tried), All These Things That I've Done remains my favorite from this album. The I've got soul/But I'm not a soldier refrain is good enough when Brandon Flowers keeps repeating it, but it's like a gift from heaven when the gospel singers kick in shortly thereafter. (Note to self: gospel singing repetition might be better than harmonicas for sheer Jessi excitement.)

Change Your Mind and Smile Like You Mean It are my next favorites from this album. Reasons I fell for this album: 80s synth-pop brilliance with an element of electronica/dance, eye-liner wearing lead singer, the drummer looks like Jason Lee, who the boys of Stanford Hall taught me to love. And when your two closest guy friends insist on playing video games (a recurring element of my life) at least they chose this album as the soundtrack.

And wouldn't you know it, we unlocked When You Were Young on Guitar Hero yesterday.

(Note to Universal Music Group: I wanted to embed the Mr. Brightside video!!)

The Killers cover Romeo & Juliet on Abbey Road. Here's a blast from the past: Jon Smith turned me onto this song in college--he was into an acapella group, the Brown Derbies, and introduced me to their version. I never got a copy their CD from him, but I've loved this song ever since.

Brandon Flowers joins U2 on stage in Vegas for In a Little While

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