Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super Sleuths

This week has been full of speculations and as Kate said today, if you're speculating, you're usually right. At this point, I'm going to be disappointed if we don't come up with another realization by the end of the weekend. Thanks to some more speculations, 10 o'clock on Wednesdays will always make me smile. And is it just me or does writing o'clock seem magical for some reason? It made me feel like such a fancy adult when I would write it out as a child.

Much more important than the music today is the season premiere of Lost! I discovered this show on DVD last fall and it might be the most suspenseful drama that I've watched. I'm still thrown off by the flash-forwards, but nothing will beat the realization in the season finale that we were actually watching Kate and Jack in the future off the island. Poor Jack, if only he had gotten her in the end...but maybe he will. (Don't worry friends, Arrested Development is still my favorite show ever and while I have a crush on Michael Bluth, I know that GOB would actually keep me entertained with his eccentricities and magic...okay, I'm not really that into magic, just the type that springs from David Copperfield's tricky hands.)

I was trying to educate Sam about Collective Soul today, but I think I was quickly distracted. Nonetheless, we started talking about Snow Patrol and I figured I'd give them a listen tonight. While I have a bunch of songs from Final Straw (which FBF's buddy Josh Williamson recommended one night as we were driving back to FBF's house) and When It's All Over..., Eyes Open is the only full album that I have, so that's what I went with. (Side note, I thought Velocity Girl would resonate with me in the same way that You Shall Know Our Velocity did when I came to Connecticut for my interview and glanced at it on my bedside table the night before the interview...FBF would agree with me that it was a sign that I had to take the job.)

If there's one thing Zach Braff does well, it is designing a soundtrack. (This is going to get me in trouble with my Scrubs friends.) I was convinced that I had to see Last Kiss simply for its inclusion of Snow Patrol's Chocolate in the trailer. Unfortunately, it just really depressed me when I saw it and makes me afraid that some of my married friends somehow backed themselves into a horrible nightmare.

Snow Patrol always makes me jealous of those people who saw an up and coming opening act on tour with a big band and were able to say they saw them live before they had a major release. If only U2 had brought Snow Patrol to Notre Dame with them, instead of Garbage, I might have actually gone early, rather than spend the time in Alumni Hall. I'm still entertained that Blonde Redhead made it big this year. I'd seen them open for the Chili Peppers in 2000 and have talked ill of them since they were two songs into their set.

(LOST UPDATE! Q and I just had our recap call and it's making me excited for wine-drunk viewing parties when I'm back from Hawaii. There's nothing as fun as speculating with Q about what may be going on with the show and I know we're both counting down to the release of the Doc Jensen article tomorrow!!)

I have a horrible case of ADD tonight. I love the driving pulse behind the lyrics in Hands Open. I find myself turning it on loudly with the windows down in the summer or using it as a wakeup song on a cold winter morning. I'm enjoying Chasing Cars, It's Beginning to Get to Me and You Could be Happy, too. Otherwise, no major associations with this cd. I'll have to thank Josh Williams for his recommendation if I ever run into him again.

It's hard for me to watch music videos lately. They make me feel awkward and embarrassed, like this one for Hands Open does.

Thank god there's good sound on this concert clip. (And above the head clapping from the crowd--love it! And I suddenly want to watch a Zach Braff movie--damn it, Zach Braff!) But just for my own curiosity, I have to see what their actual video is like for this song...fingers crossed that it doesn't ruin the song.

Other than the singer's inability to not blink constantly, I can live with this video. Oh no, I feel an overshare coming. There's a couple doing it in the car in the video (don't worry, you can keep reading, loyal fans) and it made me laugh. Perry always used to command that I do it in the couch that was the backseat of the grama car and call him immediately afterwards. I felt like I let the boy down when I sold grama car without ever giving him the phone call he wanted.

Ooo, here's another thought. This singer makes a lot of references to his tongue in multiple songs. Even Gene Simmons doesn't bring it up this often.

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