Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ryan Adams and His Killers

The office keeps getting quieter as the week goes by and more people leave for the Super Bowl. The next three weeks will have most of us on the road at some point for football, basketball and racing. I'm still in denial that I'll be in Hawaii at this time next week. I've been planning what music, books, tv shows and movies to take with me for the beach and my long flights--thank god for the ipods and computer on the 11 hour trek from Newark to Honolulu.

I started reading Ryan's Smashing Life before Christmas and was excited to find an old Ryan Adams concert from Ann Arbor in 2003. Jody always enjoyed him, but it took me a little longer to grow into him. When I first started listening I fell in love with Come Pick Me Up (the harmonica is enough to break your heart) and This Is It. I continue to return to those two on my Jessi Crankypants days. Our apartment in Athens had a movie quoting obsession with Old School (and Rounders, Swingers, Varsity Blues), which led me to discover To Be Young. I was convinced that it was a Dylan song upon first listen, which didn't help with my googling. The recording has such a vintage sound to it; I feel like I'm listening to a vinyl that's been subtly beaten up by so many listenings.

His latest full album, Easy Tiger, has been on a strong rotation since its release, but I was excited to find more of his music from a few years back. I eagerly downloaded it and put on my three favorite tracks while I was still laying in bed, catching up with Perry. Once I got to work, I was able to listen to the whole concert while continuing our conversation about his marvelously incidental detective work.

I'm on a mission to see Ryan Adams in concert at some point this year and hope that his performance is far better than at Lolla a few years ago. Jody will probably kill me if I see him before her, but I live in NYC (or close enough), so the odds are in my favor.

As iTunes sometimes does when it's anywhere in the alphabet near BNL, it kept playing at an inaudible level, while telling the world of gmail chat that I like Sade, Saliva, Salt N' Pepa, Sam & Dave and Sam Cooke. Since we were already in the Ss and I lacked any inspiration, I scrolled down to Shiny Toy Guns. The first track was promising, but I really didn't pay much attention to the rest of it. I'd guess that two songs made me stop and cringe and I realized that I was listening to it on a few songs. Probably won't return to this album very often.

This post is as boring as my quiet day. I'm still enjoying the fruits of Perry's detective work and can't wait until we're together again to awkwardly ask the question. The JCC was fine, but my swim buddy didn't show up and I can never tell if I'm at a good pace if he isn't there. I do know that I need to bump it up to a mile and a half each day when I get back. Let's just hope I don't have any terrors in Hawaii when I first spot the fish swimming around me in the water. My favorite accountant had a long day and a dead car, so we didn't even catch up after we got home. After a call from Oody, it's time for bed!

My opinion of David Letterman increased significantly after seeing how often he has Ryan Adams & the Cardinals on his show. This performance is Come Pick Me Up.

Why did I never learn about Jools Holland until YouTube. (Okay, metafilter or some other site involving The Hold Steady might have gotten me to his site, but I never found any performances on that site. Here's This Is It.

And since I've still never gotten to Austin, I had to go with a live performance from ACL of To Be Young.

Listening to Ryan Adams makes me want to fall in love as much as the soccer boys wanted to fall in love while watching Notting Hill. Where did I find those soccer boys and why did I lose track of so many of them?

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