Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lost Day

The office was a bit overcome with Lost Fever this morning. Q and I are on the Doc Jensen alert list, which sparked a Lost article finding and forwarding initiative after our favorite doctor released a cheat sheet. New York featured an article with the actor who plays Ben and the SF Chronicle kept the excitement building without giving too much away, besides a spoiler-free list of what to look forward to in the first episodes of the season. And my little Kelly's enthusiasm for the season premiere has been building strongly over the last week. While my Lost man-obsessions have teeter-tottered over the seasons, I think I'm come back on the side of my tortured savior doctor.

Got some rough news from Nick-I-Like this afternoon, which might have been the only way to knock me down from my Jack Shephard-induced high. It's so hard to watch him go through everything, knowing that there is little I can do to help. It's going to be hard when it happens and it terrifies me to imagine having to go through it myself someday. I was an emotional wreck after the evening we spent together in the fall and the next morning I kept staring out the window of the plane with no ability to keep it all together. I remember watching the sun rise on a beautiful morning, which made me so appreciative of what I have, while painting the situation in a surreal light.

(If you've never experienced a beautiful sunset or sunrise from the vantage of the sky, it's something to see. On a flight east at sunset, I experienced the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen. The sun set into a flat cloud cover, which washed the clouds in a soft, warm hue with a brilliant orange-pink horizon in the distance that kept it lit until the sun had fully dipped below.)

Somehow I chose to listen to Collective Soul's Dosage that morning and kept playing Needs over and over again. There's a pause in the song before the strings kick in for the final minute. It always makes me feel as time stops for a moment in the moment of despair, but then the strings build in a slow crescendo that brings my spirit up again. As I eventually ended up in my room with my music tonight, it seemed like the only choice to close the night. It's a beautiful album and one of my favorites.

Other than the plane ride, this album reminds me of a few things. This will forever be on my mental soundtrack of our trip to Florida junior year, along with some Linkin Park and Pianoman. Dorfburg adored this album; Hammer didn't and when we rejected his CD selection there was hell to pay. Dad took Steve and I to see Collective Soul in Canton a few summers ago and it was a really great evening. Nothing too flashy, they stuck to the way the songs were recorded, but the songs stand on their own and it was my first real introduction to the Youth album. Then, of course, there's FBF who hates Collective Soul. Maybe we never worked out because I told him I wanted to dance to one of their songs at my wedding. (Note to Jody: that last sentence is an utter lie, but still entertaining to me.)

I'm pretty sure that the band went independent and released their album, Youth, on their own a few years ago. So as long as they received all the licensing fees from that commercial (I think it was Special K), I guess I'm okay with it. The band has to make money somehow.

This evening, Kate and I made a trek to Colony for some of the best pizza in Stamford. (I have to put myself on a ban from pizza until I come back from Hawaii, but I told myself the beach runs and swims in the ocean will make up for everything.) After she and I have been on alternating travel schedules, it was enjoyable to catch up with her on everything.

I was really worried that the video for Needs was going to match the 90s theme from yesterday. The singer looks great with the dark hair...why is he blonde now? Jessi is all about the dark haired guys.

And since Nick-I-Like has been on the brain all day, I had to go with November Rain. We skated together to this song in elementary school and it still makes me smile whenever it comes on my iPod. For the entire 8 or 9 minutes, Nick basically storyboarded the music video for me and I always picture rolling around the Louisville Rink with him and picturing Slash's guitar solo in my head. (This is such a small-town Ohio memory.)

Oooo, and since we're on November Rain free association, I have to say that I was 9 or 10 years old and thought that my aunt and uncle were so cool, as they had an outdoor wedding reception just like Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour in the video. Unfortunately, Slash didn't show up, but Punky's girlfriend threatened to slash my aunt, Susie, if she came near her man!

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