Friday, January 25, 2008

Justin A. is Deadboy & the Elephantmen to Me!

Oh music blog. It's been a few weeks since I've ventured back here, thanks to the rage my formerly (ok, still) beloved seatbuddy incited in me. When Justin returned in early January, I mentioned that he'd made it onto the blog. He immediately put his internet stalking/research skills to work and found me. Then, he continued to speak loudly about the blog and email it to random people in the office throughout the week, causing me to go underground for a few weeks. (Note to self: Tell Jody, the blog's only reader, that we're up and running again) While I haven't been on here, I've continued to delve deeper into my music collection and will probably rehash some of those cds in the future.

I couldn't decide what to listen to this evening after the kids (not mine) went to sleep, so I started looking into what concerts were coming to the area instead and that's when I found my inspiration. My little brother turned me onto Deadboy & the Elephantmen years ago and we made sure to wake up early for his set at Lolla in 06 and were able to meet the band afterwards. No one else that I know even listens to them, although Justin's manager at work had them on her iPod, but she has no idea who they were. The singer/guitarist now performs under his own name, Dax Riggs (not the guy from Punk'd) and is coming to Hoboken the same weekend that I'm seeing The National the night before. Now if I could only get my little brother to come out for a weekend of concerts with me!!

I'm listening to Deadboy's show from June 6th, 2003 on Howlin' Wolf. His bootlegs are always much better than his studio releases, although the boy was struggling to keep his act together at the beginning of each song when we saw him live.

Fake Boyfriend and I always used to argue about which singers have a sexually charged performance. I will always stand by my selection of Dread Zeppelin, yet FBF thinks that Gavin DeGraw's performance of Let's Get It On is the champion. FBF and I saw my second-favorite musically inclined Gavin during grad school and we still laugh about the auditorium full of girls, three couples and 5 random dudes that were at the show with us. There were numerous propositions screamed from the audience, but no panties tossed on stage. Let's be serious, it's OU, people don't wear underwear. (Note to self: how on earth did I just type the p-word?) Anyway, Deadboy would beat Mr. DeGraw any day (Note to self: create ON Deadboy playlist, although it might only work on the guys that Deeds thinks I like.)

I'm surprised by how many songs I really enjoy from this set. The band plays its (then) current music alongside various songs which would later make We Are Night Sky. It's interesting to hear how the music (particularly How Long the Night Was and Blood Music) evolved from this concert in the summer of '03 to when the album was released in February of '06.

I tried getting FBF onto this band, but I think he thought I was seriously depressed after I sent it to him. If only I could get my little brother to start listening to music again; I miss his recommendations, but it seems that I'll just have to wait until he's back in Chicago this summer.

Tomorrow is a busy day in the city of massage, appt, meeting up with Jonathan, then maybe sneaking into Hoboken under the radar of a certain few boys from ND.

Deadboy & the Elephantmen perform Evil Friend at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ during the summer of 2006.

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