Friday, January 4, 2008

Jack Black or Jack White

When I was a little girl, I never thought I'd want to marry a pudgy, outlandish guy with crazy hair and eyebrows so alive, they seem to have a life of their own. However, School of Rock cemented the fact that Jack Black might be the man for me. His character in Nick Hornby's High Fidelity was too brash and obnoxious for my liking, although I do enjoy his rendition of Let's Get It On. (It's part of my The Cosby's Record Player playlist). But in School of Rock, his performance hit all the right notes (yes! my first music pun, I feel like I should be on some bad celebrity end of the week recap show with that one!). On my 5 hour each way road trip with my client, Andy, we might have enjoyed the musical stylings of Tenacious D, but it's not really an album for the workplace, so I went with the other Jack, Jack White today.

When Icky Thump came out, I was still in the depths of my obsession with The National and didn't give the Stripes album enough attention. I really enjoyed reading about their tour through Canada (yay! Canada!), particularly the secret shows on a bus or at the Y as they covered each of the many (okay, 10) provinces and 3 territories. If only I were in the Great White North...but it's been 10 years since my trip to Niagara Falls & Toronto with Oyster and Nick-I-Like. I caught a lot of concert clips this summer and wish I'd seen them live. I really like the song You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told). I'll have to give the album another listen on an upcoming run. Get Behind Me Satan made for a great running album last year and I just had to listen to My Doorbell and the Denial Twist after Icky Thump finished.

After lunch, I put on the Allman Brothers Band's concert at Blossom (outside Cleveland) from July 23rd, 2000. Dad and I went to their show that summer. Joe Walsh was supposed to open, but canceled. Dad was bummed, but the local band that opened was fabulous. ABB did Jessica, Melissa, a cover of the Grateful Dead's Franklin's Tower, and closed the show with a 30+ minute version of Mountain Jam. Not so known fact: Daddy Lauer named me after the Allman's song, Jessica. I remember as a child pulling out the Brothers and Sisters album with the little blond girl standing in the fallen leaves and telling him that I didn't look anything like her! I was such a literal kid.

Dad is anxiously awaiting news of when and where the Allmans will be playing in New York this spring, so we can get tickets for the show. I had no idea that it'd been almost 8 years since we'd seen them together. This might have been the concert which opened my eyes to the wonderfulness of hippie dancing, a skill that brought Megan Pacini and I together at the Dave show as we danced in the rain, while Jeff and Rich looked at us with bewilderment and fear, then ran to get more beer.

The day at the office ended with the Arcade Fire's Funeral. Thanks to FBF for sending me the song Rebellion (Lies) one night in grad school. I was in Athens' independent record store the next day searching for the album--the little cardboard case made it hard to find, but I loved the concept of funeral program as liner notes, which Rich probably heard me talk enthusiastically about a few too many times.

I came home to play some Guitar Hero then listened to an Arcade Fire show at First Avenue in Minnesota in 2005. The recording quality is fantastic--much better than the bootleg I have from their first church concert in support of Neon Bible. I still need to see this band in concert...if only I'd caught them on the church tour when The National was their opening act.

I'm exhausted and calling it an early night...shhh! Don't tell anyone that we're being super lame on a Friday night, but Jeremy's been in bed for hours now!

A short clip of Jack Black doing Let's Get It On from High Fidelity

The White Stripes Secret Show on a Bus in Winnipeg. I like to picture myself jumping and dancing while they sing The Wheels on the Bus...Kelly would be dancing with me, just like at Farm Aid, but she would then trip and fall into Jack's guitar.

Their video for You Don't Know What Love Is. And if a formerly married couple can tour and make music together for years, a few certain guys in my life need to stop being terrified of Jessi Lauer. If only we could wear all black, white and red like some crazy French couple and make money off our music. But I know how bad my guitar skills are, thank you G chord and Guitar Hero.

There is some classy cowboy fringe in this video, which made me pick it over the clip from their show in NYC last spring.

Arcade Fire close Coachella with Rebellion (Lies)

And since I love Intervention, here's their performance from SNL. Jody don't blink, cause your BF Dwight introduces them.

Finally, I love Vincent Moon and keep waiting for his video surrounding the making of Boxer to come out. This is a video of Arcade Fire that he shot of them playing Neon Bible in an elevator on their way to the stage.

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