Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cheating Slightly

Today was a day with not much to it. I slept in, went for a run, then to the JCC to swim and lift weights, then watched my crazy girls, Claire & Charlotte. Claire was pretty tired by the time she came inside, which meant that she didn't have the energy for any of her usual questions about boys or zany requests for stories about myself.

The nano was misbehaving on my run and didn't play what I wanted, but it did spit out some random goodness along the way from Candlebox (can't say I ever find myself seeking them out on the iPod), Cold War Kids, and Velvet Revolver. And each run makes me thankful that I live in an over-indulgent neighborhood where there are always a few houses renovating or building additions. I'm waiting for the day that someone catches me darting out of the port-a-john at the one mile mark.

While we were watching football last night, I visited and downloaded the White Stripes show at MSG from July, one of Springsteen's show at MSG from October and The National's show that I attended in August. I'm giving that a listen as I get ready for bed. I'd love to see them do Gospel and All the Wine at the show in February; otherwise, I'm pretty happy with this setlist.

The National's Baby We'll Be Fine--repetitive lyrics, violins, it makes me sad and lifts my spirit at the same time

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nyctaper said...

Oh, that National recording is one of my worst--not from anything I did but because the static from the PA speakers is so disappointing.
I'm recording them again next month at BAM, so definitely grab that one instead!